10 Landing Page Optimization Challenges You Need To Know To Improve ROI

Simply put: A landing page is the page where a visitor lands.

Technically: It is the page created with motive of convincing visitors to take a specific action to complete the process of conversion. This action could be anything; subscribing to your newsletters, clicking on a target link or downloading your e-books.

Here’s a proven fact:

Landing pages are the most crucial part of conversion optimization process.

Here’s the proof.

Moz generated $1,000,000 million with a single landing page.

Moz Landing page


Not convinced yet? Check out some stats:

Did you know?

Only 52% businesses that use landing pages also test them to find ways to improve their conversions

What about the other 48%?

They believe building landing pages and A/B testing them is one of their top five challenges.

I’m sure you’re wondering:

What are the major landing page optimization challenges that I must focus on this 2017 and beyond?

Well today I’ll make it easy for you.

Just carve out 5-10 minutes of your time and get to know the 10 landing page optimization challenges that may slow down your conversions.

Challenge #1: Testing Layout & Design

Testing and optimizing the design and layout of your landing page design can have major impact on your conversion rate.


Because a landing page’s design and layout is perhaps the first thing that a visitor notices.

But here’s the deal:

You just have mere 8 seconds to ensnare and captivate your visitors with your landing page design and layout.

Attention Span Human

But here’s a shocking fact:

Not many marketers pay heed to the testing and optimizing the design and layout of their landing pages.

In fact, merely 16% of landing pages are devoid of any navigation bars. Naturally, optimizing the design and layout of a landing page remains a major challenge for most marketers and businesses.

Challenge #2: Testing Landing Page Copies

Remember, your landing page copy is as important as important as your landing page design and layout.

You might be wondering why:

This is because your landing page copy guides your visitor towards the final steps of conversion process on your landing page.

Let me reveal a shocking fact:

57% companies believe that they lack expertise to optimize the copy on their landing pages.

Clearly this remains one of the biggest landing page optimization challenges for more than half of marketers.

Challenge #3: Testing Landing Page Images

Here’s a statement that must have heard a million times already:

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Well, this is nowhere truer than in the cases of landing pages.

In fact, pictures are said to increase landing page conversions tenfold or even more.

But do you know?

55% marketers do not test and optimize images on their landing pages.

As a result:

They lose out on conversions owing to their unawareness about easy techniques to test and optimize landing page images that are at play.

Challenge #4: Testing Landing Page Headlines

Your landing page headline is perhaps the most crucial element to test.

You ask why?

Here’s your answer:

Because it affects your brand messaging, message match with ads, and the ability for people to understand what you do quickly.

In fact, more than 90% visitors who read your headline.

But here’s the shocker:

Only 77% marketers test their headlines.

Surprising, isn’t it?

If headlines are so crucial, why 100% marketers don’t test them?

Because they do not understand the headline optimization techniques and tips at the first place. Naturally, optimizing headlines remains yet another major landing page optimization challenge for a large fraction of marketers.

Challenge #5: Testing Landing Page Call to Action

Okay, here’s a question for you:

What’s the last roadblock before your visitor finally converts into a customer?

I’m sure it wasn’t a difficult one! It’s your call to action button.

Here’s what you must know:

For high conversions, there should be a CTA on a landing page, otherwise you’ll be leaking visitors away from your page left, right and center.

But here’s a disturbing fact:

49% businesses don’t optimize their calls-to-action (CTAs) on their landing pages.


Because a large number of marketers believe that optimizing landing page CTAs if one of the biggest landing page optimization challenges.

Challenge #6: Testing Pop-ups on Landing Pages

Here’s a Myth that has plagued the conversion optimization industry:

Visitors find pop-ups annoying and irritating.

The fact:

Pop ups increase subscriptions by 1000%.

But here’s the deal:

A large majority of marketers aren’t able to utilize landing page pop-ups to their advantage.


Because they set and forget their pop-ups and don’t remain heedful of testing and optimizing them constantly.

Challenge #7: Testing Lead Gen Forms

Lead generation forms are yet another important factor that hugely impacts landing page conversions.

But do you know:

88% people choose to fill in the wrong information in lead generation forms.

You might be wondering:

Why is that?

Simply because these lead generation forms aren’t properly optimized and tested.

Challenge #8: Testing Landing Page Testimonials

Did you know?

90% customers say that their buying decisions are influenced by testimonials and online reviews.

Landing page reviews

Why is that?

Because customer testimonials helps build trust and confidence in a visitor for a business or brand.

But here’s what happens:

A large majority of landing pages do not feature customer testimonials. As a result, they lose out on substantial amount of conversions.

Challenge #9: Testing Landing Page Videos

You probably already know this:

64% buyers buy a product after watching a product video.

Importance of Video on Landing Page

Perhaps you don’t know this:

Using videos on landing pages can increase conversions by 86%.

But you’ll be shocked:

Not many marketers use videos on their landing pages still.

Why is that?

Because they are unaware of the best practices to use videos on their landing pages to increase their conversions.

Challenge #10: Testing Mobile-friendly Landing Pages

Mobile unfriendly landing pages can negatively impact your conversions. After all, mobile and tablet devices now account for over 51.3% of the internet usage.

Internet Usage Stats

Here’s why:

61% visitors bounce off your landing page if faced with a bad mobile experience.

Here the loading time of your landing page plays a vital role. The faster your landing pages will load, the better will be your page views and conversions.

You’ll be surprised:

A 1 second delay in load time can reduce the overall conversions by 7%; the total number of page views by 11%; and the overall customer satisfaction by 16%.

However, a large fraction of marketers’ still use non mobile optimized landing pages that take ages to load when targeting their potential customers.

Over to You!

I hope now know the major landing page optimization challenges that you must focus on this 2017 and beyond.

Yes, it takes hard work to turn your landing page into a conversion machine.

But with the knowledge of what you need to focus on, you already know ahead of time that your hard work is going to pay off (unlike testing and optimizing random landing page elements and hoping that it increases the conversion rate).

What do you think about these landing page optimization challenges? Or maybe you have a question about something.

Either way, leave a comment quick below. I’ll be around today to reply to comments and answer questions.

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