10 Ways to Write Email Copy that Converts

Sending emails is a great marketing channel to drive real conversions. Do your emails nurture potential clients and convert them into sales? It isn’t easy to generate leads; get the email address of the people and turn them into customers of your business. Therefore, once you have a good list of people, all depends on how you create the email copy that urges them to open their inbox and come to your site.

Your aim should be to create an email copy that you know will convert even before you hit the ‘send’ button. Make sure that every new email you send is better than the previous one. Because people these days are becoming smarter. There are no more mere takers. In fact, if they get to know that you are selling them something, they are put off.

It is no less than art or science to write an effective email marketing copy. We are sure that you must have written hundreds of emails to your customers. But in this article, we will give you some tips to write emails that will engage as well as convince them to take action, for sure. Have a look if you really want to play the game right:

  • Write For Your Audience – Create your email copies keeping in mind your audience. Try and understand who they are, their interests, where they live, since how long have they subscribed for your product or service etc. The answers to these questions will help you know your customers more as well as segment the contact list. According to an article in Wishpond.com, segmented emails result in 50% more click throughs than non-segmented emails. After you segment your list, create target mails. But don’t forget to think like your customers. Know the needs, tastes and preferences of your customers to make an engaging copy.

Answer some basic questions such as the name of your company, what you want from the customer and how will it benefit them in the copy for the convenience of the users. Providing all this information will increase your click throughs.

  • Personalization is a Must! An article published in Marketingland.com reveals that 70% of the brands failed to personalize their email messages. Now, this is surprising. All that personalization takes is to write a customer’s name or greet him/her on their special days etc. this should not be so difficult. With so much competition, sending an email with your customer’s name is the minimal that you can do. This builds trust in them.

This has a positive impact on customers’ mind who tend to open your message. According to Prnewswire.com, personalized promotional mailings had 29% higher unique open rates and 41% higher unique click rates than nonpersonalized mailings. Moreover, you can send the emails from your name (and not company’s) for a more personalized touch.

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Create an email that your customers remember even after years. For instance, check out this simple example below.

  • Be PersonalEveryone likes to be treated individually and not to be spoken to in masses. Therefore, make sure that you write in a conversational and friendly tone. We suggest you write in the second person using terms such as you, us and me. Using such words will make your readers feel special. Thewritepractice.com states that “using the pronoun “you” and describing the action as it happens supplies a personal sense of urgency, propelling the story—and the reader—forward.”

Writing in the second person gives you an opportunity to speak directly with your customers. For instance, look at both these lines: “You will love our service because it will save you time.” and “Our product is time-saving. ”

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The first gives a more personal feeling. Also, use simple and plain language while writing emails, as if you are actually talking to them. Check out this amazing example below:

  • Write An Attractive Subject Line – The inbox of your customers are already full of promotional emails. According to Mashable.com, the average working professional receives more than 100 messages a day. Therefore, you cannot afford to have an ordinary subject line as it is the first thing your customer notices before opening an email. The subject line has to grab the attention of your customers so that they are urged to open it.

Though it should be written in an easy-to-understand manner, the subject lines should be catchy as well as informative! We suggest you use active verbs increases personalization. An article published in Fundbox.com states that 33% of email recipients open email based on the subject line alone.

Take a glance at a few examples of good subject lines:

Lose Weight While You Sleep.

Get 50% off On Your Favorite Shirts

Tired of Making Your Boss Rich?


  • Subject Line, Email Copy Should Compliment Each Other – Make sure that your subject line is consistent with the text of your email copy. What you promise in the subject line should be delivered in the copy as well. A good subject line may increase the open rates but if the text is not supportive of the subject line, all your efforts will go into the drain as readers will not convert into buyers.

An article published in Copyblogger.com suggests not to misrepresent the content of your email — it annoys your subscribers and could increase your unsubscribe rate.

  • Sync Your Landing Page with Email Copy – Matching your email marketing campaign with landing pages will create a cohesive experience for your online customers. Consistent design across all your platforms will help you build trust, increase conversions as well as give a message of uniformity. Different designs of landing pages and emails may leave the customers confused. According to Jumplead.com, if a landing page doesn’t offer a cohesive journey from the email, there is a chance that your customer will be confused and not convert.

Moreover, also the text that you write should be consistent for both the email and the landing page. This will make it easier for people to recognize your brand easily.

Check out a great example of a cohesive email campaign from The Gap. Their email and landing page look similar to attracting readers and hence increasing sales. Another element you can use prominently here is your logo design. Place it the same way in both the email and the landing page for better recognition.

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  • Use Effective, Compelling CTA – You can guide your visitors through the buying process by using strategic calls-to-action. They actually help! CTA buttons placed at the right place in your email body can motivate readers to convert. Though they all look the same, CTAs are most effective when they use less text and placed prominently. Simple, short and strong action words such as “sign up,” “start now,” “order,” “buy,” and “get” are the most effective ones. To further give a boost to your conversions, you can use words such as free or customized in your CTAs. An article published in Jeff Bullas explains your call to action should create urgency so that your visitors convert.

Make sure that your CTA button is in contrasting colors and is above the fold in your email body for attracting the readers visually. Not to forget, as mentioned above, keep the look of your CTA buttons consistent with that of your landing page. The more simple and consistent, the more will be the clicks.

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Though your CTAs need to be simple so that users easily understand your message, at the same time they need to be compelling enough to urge the users to take the action you want them to take. For instance, offering something for free is a great way of grabbing the attention of your readers and persuading them to click. Check out an example of a company Square on similar lines below.

  • Think About Skimmers Too – The world is overloaded with information and is full of people who will just skim through your content. In fact, it is impossible for people to go through each and every mail line by line. Therefore, it is essential that you write in an easy-to-read manner for the convenience of the skimmers. You can do this by creating pointers or bullet points, keeping your sentences short and writing in a layman’s language. According to Mikegingerich.com, too much content and skimmers glaze over and bail out. They don’t click!

Number of customers reading your email will also depend on the way you format your copy for scanning. You can also ask your readers how much time it took them to understand the message in your email? If it is 5 or less than 5 second, then you are successful in convincing your reader to read your copy further.

  • Convince the readers through proof

Email readers are (understandably) cynical due to the spam offers clogging their inbox (it’s a clear love/hate relationship), so differentiating your company from spam is very important.

There are several things you can do to overcome cynicism and build credibility through email, including:

  • Try to achieve connection with the reader to show that you understand them by using customer language and buzzwords.
  • Spell out the benefit the feature gives. For example, a bulleted list could use different fonts or formats to emphasize benefits.
  • Back up with facts and numbers.A/B Test, Track Results and Improve

Measuring your metrics and analyzing your results will optimize your conversion rates going forward. Use your research to continuously improve your profits.

A/B test your email body content. Send out your campaign email to two (or more) segments in your email contact list. Check your view rates, opens, and clickthroughs. Use the text that gets you the best conversion rates.

Track your results for Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) such as:

  • delivery rate
  • view rate
  • open rate
  • click-through rate
  • sales conversion

Then ask questions to refine your email marketing copy, such as:

  • What copy received the highest conversion rates?
  • What campaigns resulted in more click-throughs?
  • What segments respond best to which CTA’s?

Take action on your analytics and results. Continue to improve your email copy to increase conversions.

3 tips for tracking results:

  • A/B test your email copy on two or more contact segments.
  • Measure the results of each email campaign you run to analyze delivery rates, open rate, click through rates and sales conversions
  • Use your results to optimize your conversion rates and continuously improve


Write first class email copy to convert your leads into repeat customers. Segment your contact list, personalize your personal copy. Align your subject lines with your email body and your landing pages to increase conversions. Write a clear and compelling CTA. Make your email skimmable, and always test your results!


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