7 Best Blogging Tips to Rank High On Google Search Result Pages in 2018

I’m sure you’ll agree:

Blogging has many perks. Quite expectedly, it is an essential component of the content marketing mix.

In fact:

  • Businesses that blog receive 67% more leads than those that don’t. (Source: Huffingtonpost.com)
  • 57% companies with a blog have acquired a customer from their blog. (Source: Hubspot.com)
  • Companies that blog get 97% more links to their websites. (Source: Business2community.com)
  • 81% companies find their blogs useful, important, or critical. (Source: Smallbusiness.yahoo.com)
  • Once you write 21-54 blog posts, blog traffic generation increases by up to 30%. (Source: Impactbnd.com)

Given these stats, it’s not too difficult to understand that blogging gives you unlimited opportunities to convert strangers into paying consumers.

Today, marketing is mostly about creating content, especially blogs, for a target audience. The aim is to drive the users or readers to website of the concerned business.


Instead of physically going outwards in the markets to promote your business, you write informative blogs for people, hoping to generate curiosity for your business. Because of people visiting linking back to your site, you are able to achieve higher search rankings on Google and other search engines.

If you are consistently posting blogs, it surely helps immensely in acquiring leads. However, creating blogs for lead-generation implies that you need to acquire blogging tips and tricks. Here are the 7 Best Blogging Tipsthat you need to follow in order to drive traffic from your blogs.

7 Best Blogging Tips

Blogging Tips: #1 – Make a Content Plan

Although everyone has marketing plan in place but make sure that your plan takes different aspects of your business into account. Many marketers just miss the fact that a well-thought-of strategy is also a guide for timely implementation of the plan as per its schedule to achieve the target.

A sound content marketing plan is the one that lets you know answers of key questions. For example, your blog must answer the question why are you in your business. The answer is not that you want to make money. A better answer to this question would be that you are in business to connect emotionally with your target people. For better results, know also about contemporary content marketing plans that work for driving traffic.

Such basic groundwork of planning for your business marketing is necessary also to find out your topics for blogging. Also, you will come to know about the business attributes that your want to promote in your blogs to build a brand identity of your company and what it sells. The marketing plan also involves having an editorial calendar. You must know beforehand about the keywords you want to target. The contextual questions, email marketing, conversion optimization and long-form content plans must also be clearly chalked out.

When writing your blog, its tone and voice will be important to make a desired impact on the readers. You should decide on the tone keeping in mind the type of business you run. You must also decide on how to represent your company in your blog articles. All such precautions are essential for engaging your readers in your business.

Now let’s move on to the next tip on my list of 7 best blogging tips.

Blogging Tips: #2 – Use Accurate Keywords

A trick to ensure that your inbound marketing blogs rank higher on the search result pages is to place right keywords of your business in your blogs. Search engines index blogs and other type of content by searching for the relevant keywords. If your blogs have keywords that people are typing mostly to find out your type of business and its products or services, then your website will be displayed in the top search results depending on the efforts you put in blogging.

Every business has thousands of keywords. However, you should know perfect set of keywords for ranking purpose. Before you start writing your blogs, you must find out right keywords to focus on. But note that highly popular keywords are also the most difficult also when it comes to ranking your websites higher as that will require intense blogging and a lot of time before you move up a little.

A better option is to rely on less popular keywords. Since there is less competition for such keywords, your blogs can rank higher quickly. To find out which are the less used keywords, research them by using keywords tools. Then, write more blogs with keywords that you find are performing well to promote your blogs on search results.

Now that you know how keywords can help you drive traffic through your blogs, it’s time to unveil the next trick on my list of 7 best blogging tips.

Blogging Tips: #3 – Answer Right Questions

You did a great job of finding out right keywords for your blogs but that is not enough to rank your blogs. In these days, people are typing questions to find out relevant answers related to business and industry. This means that contextual search is gaining importance in search ranging. Therefore, when writing blogs, you must know the questions you need to answer.

To know what question to target in your blog, a trick is to ask your salespersons to make a list of the queries that prospects ask. You can get those questions also from your Customer Care Service. On answering those questions your blog will be much more useful to your target audience.


topic relevancy impact in ranking

I’m sure now you understand why you must carefully address the concerns, questions and pain areas of your target audience in your blogs. Let’s now check out the next advice on my list of 7 best blogging tips.

Blogging Tips: #4 – Integrate Your Blogs With Your Content Strategy

Writing blogs with right keywords and answering your audience’s questions is not enough to rank higher on search pages. Besides these measures, ensure that your blogs are in line with your overall content strategy. This means that when a visitor reaches to your website from your blogs, he or she must find the rest of your content on the site relevant to what your blog discussed.

social media in content marketing

This helps in generating more conversions and leads. Do not make usual mistake of treating your blogs some isolated marketing ploy. Rather, your blog should ideally be an extension of your overall strategy for marketing your content.

Let’s check out the next suggestion on my list of 7 best blogging tips.

Blogging Tips: #5 – Create Catchy Headlines that Converse

Catchy headlines are extremely important for success of blogs in driving traffic. The headlines are the first reason that readers will click on the blog link. But you must be aware of the tricks to create such attention grabbing headlines. Experts advise to write 10 headlines on a blog topic and see which one is the exciting one for your blog. Usually, the last headlines you write are much better.

Make sure that your target keywords and questions that you want to answer are part of your blog headlines. Also, insert the words such as ‘fear’, ‘loose’, ‘secrets’, ‘critical’, ‘hack’ and ‘dark’ to drive visitors to your blogs.

You’ll surprised:

8 out of every 10 visitors to your website just read the headline copy. They do this to analyze if your blogs are worth spending time reading or not.

So make sure your headlines are catchy. Now, let’s move to the next best tip on my list of 7 best blogging tips.

Blogging Tips: #6 – Give Readers Access to More Information

For more lead-generation from your blog, ensure that your blog lets the readers have access to more information in case they want to dig deeper. To do this, place a CTA button at the end of your blog article. The button should take them to your long-form e-book, infographic, other blog posts or whitepaper where they can find out more on the topic discussed in the blog. By using this tactic, you turn your each blog into an efficient lead-generation mechanism.

Also, pay heed to right blog length. While most of the blogs consist of 600 words, a lengthier article is advisable for better performance to drive traffic. Short blogs do not fit well in content marketing strategy as Google may skip such content entirely. Moreover, Google prefers longer blogs and articles for ranking purpose. However, note also that many people hate reading a very lengthy article. So, write blogs that are neither too short nor too large.

Okay, it’s time to pull the curtains and reveal the last, but immensely important, tip on my list of 7 best blogging tips. Here it is:

Blogging Tips: #7 – Analyze Your User Data

Do not blog just for the heck of it. Instead, always keep an eye on the performance of your blogging efforts to know if you are hitting the target or not. One way to do is to know your users’ behavior on your blog site. Know their views when they comment after reading your blogs. Find out how many people are sharing your content on social media and linking back. Do not forget also that Google values content for ranking more if it is shared more on social channels. You must know how to collect customer data by asking right questions.

Analyze your data regarding keywords rankings as well. The ranking must be increasing and if it not the case then design your content strategy again. However, have patience and wait for few months before you see the results.

Wrapping it Up!

Overall, blogging is today not just the art but also the science and you need to take both of them into account to drive traffic. Don’t leave your efforts in between just because you did not score early success. The results take time to show up when you are putting resources for effective inbound marketing.

Simply follow these successful blogging tips and keep writing great blogs regularly with a definite plan and soon you will experience people coming to your website.

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