7 Ways to Recycle and Repurpose Your Old Content to Get More Traffic

Content marketing is perhaps the best way to promote your brand and business. But creating meaningful content to promote your business is not an easy task. Even the most experienced and professional writers are challenged to take into account many things to create an inspiring, engaging and shareable piece of content.

Biggest content marketing challenge

For example, research alone consumes a lot of time, as you need to provide updated information to the readers so that they become loyal consumers of your content. Keyword research and writing style are other sides of content building to be considered carefully every time. Then, publishing and promoting your content are another necessary activity to drive torrents of traffic and boost conversions.

Another major problem faced by marketers is that they need to feed the search engines consistently with fresh content to rank better on SERPs. This requires writing plenty of articles. Such prolific writing requires pooling of resources at one place, which many small businesses cannot afford.

A dependable solution to this problem is to revamp your static content. Smart content marketers have been recreating content for years to address the ever-changing content consumption habits of people. Content revamping is an art that ensures restructuring and molding of old content to provide the information in an easier way so that readers grasp the details and find the information useful in a new context.

Benefits of Content Revamping

  1. Better SEO Results – By revamping your old content, you can easily give boost to your SEO efforts. When you write multiple pieces of content on the same topic, you target certain keywords for better ranking of your website on the search engine result pages. You are also likely to get quality links back to your website.
  2. Enhance Your Reach – There may be a chance that your original content was meant for a certain group of consumers. With the new developments taking place in your business, you need to address new set of customers, each day. By reorganizing old information, you can promote the new content on wide range of social media sites and to newer audiences.
  3. Highlight Your Message – Marketers often repeat messages so that audiences recognize and easily pick their brand up from amongst the crowded market. Revamping old content is an easy way to repeat, reiterate and realign your old messages to your target customers.
  4. Place Yourself as an Expert – Revamping the same old, evergreen content and publishing it in various forms on different channels can help you establish your brand as an expert on a given issue or topic. Eventually, this helps in winning customers’ confidence in your company and business.

7 Actionable Content Revamping Tips



  1. Create Infographics – Infographics present an otherwise difficult issue in a straightforward way. People like infographics for the illustrations used to describe information, making them powerful tools of conveying a business message. But make sure that your infographics is data-driven. So, if your old piece of written work has some data from a research, use it in your infographics. Make it certain that interesting visuals go along with the data.
  2. Create Slide Decks – Think of converting your content into slides to create a slide show for your audience. Just trim your old content in small chunks of text and include only concrete or factual details. You can make many slides to cover relevant information in the old content. Slides make even difficult issues into simple pieces of information, which is an added advantage when you are thinking of taking the content to masses. This one of the easiest way to revamp your content requires you to build your slides in your SlideShare account, or any other such platforms. From these platforms, your audience can share your slides.
  3. Use Content to Tell a Fresh Story – Story-telling is a surefire way to capture audience’s attention right away since everyone loves to be told an exciting story. Explore this human instinct by converting your data based information to tell a cohesive story about your business. To do this, a combined use of videos and twitter often helps in keeping audience engaged. Platforms like Storyfy are ideal to explore to tell your story.
  4. Break Your Data Points – Once you have revamped your content and have broken into many data points, you can turn each points into a separate piece of data. You can also use old infographics for this purpose. This way, you have very small pieces of data, which is shareable on Twitteralong with an image. Such small data can also be used on Reddit and Imgur. To promote these data and images, write blog posts and share them on social media.
  5. Keep an Updating Schedule – Often, we all forget content after its publication and promotion. In fact, such neglected content piles up for many months. But if you can add a little new information to old content, it becomes a wonderful tool of driving fresh traffic. All you must ensure is to keep a schedule of updating your content next. On the scheduled date, find out what relevant addition you can make to the content and publish. Also, re-promote your past content on social media.
  6. Make Instructographics – Instructographics are similar to infographics with a little difference. Instead of depending on data and statistics, instructographics offer information in a set of steps. So, infographics show you how to complete a task in various steps. This allows the audience to do a job easily by taking one-step at a time. If your blogs or articles describe how to do something, turn that into instructographics. Pinterest is a social channel where you can find plenty of instructographics.
  7. Create New Blogs – Yet another easy way to revamp your old content is to convert it into a new blog. Rather than writing for your own blog site, contact an establish community and pitch them to write an article addressing their audience. This is one of the most effective ways to take your content to target market in a big way. You will be using huge following of the established blog site to your advantage to get exposure.

Over to You!

Even if you use some of these tactics to promote your business, you will be able to drive traffic in a big way. Pay attention to quality of the reproduced content so that it is helpful to your audience. Make sure also that you have grasped technical and other creative aspects of videos, infographics etc before recreating old content into these new forms.

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