7 Expert Tips On How To Build Viral Blog Posts for Your Startup

I’m sure you’ll agree:

Most content marketing professionals secretly harbor a desire to build blog posts and articles that can go viral earning them a lot of traffic, a lot of leads and a lot of sales.

If only it were that easy…

Every minute, over 1440 WordPress blogs are published, and 500 hours of content are uploaded to YouTube. This means the competition for your blogs is too steep.

It gets worse:

A vast majority of searches, out of the 38 million searches conducted on Google every minute, go to established websites.

And that’s not all:

For more than 60% B2B content marketers, producing engaging content is the biggest challenge.

content marketing challenges

I’m sure you’re wondering:

What should I do to create blog posts that yield enough power and potential to go viral and get me traffic, sales and high-quality backlinks?

Well, here’s your Answer:

If you’re serious making your blog posts go viral helping you generate high quality links, drive you torrents of traffic and boosting your conversions manifolds, you’ll need to go over and beyond what’s usual and do what experts do.

But before we delve any deeper, it makes sense to get our basics right. Isn’t it?

What Type of Blog Post Goes Viral?

A common quality of viral blog posts is that they all strike the right chord with right set of audiences at the right time. Let me simplify: Viral Blog Posts resonate well with your target audiences quickly persuading them to share it with their peers, relatives, friends and family.

Experts suggest that mostly funny or controversial content makes people pay attention to what is being propagated.


Everyone wants to share an exciting story or write-up that is either funny or has an entirely different point of view than the contemporary beliefs on an issue.

Another commonality amongst viral blog posts is that most of them are on current topics that are trendy as well. Also, they all provide something useful and unique to the users.

While few blog posts have these qualities and so not all of them become viral, you can still get one or two posts that many people like and share. Do not be disheartened if someone tells that such posts are difficult to create. The fact of the matter is that even a cute photo of your pets may become viral.

Video of your children’s innocent quarrels at home, inserted in your blog, is likely to go viral. Controversial political, economic, social or sports issues presented in a funny way also can drive huge traffic to your website.

Now that you know what type of blog posts go viral, it’s time to pull the curtain and reveal 7 expert tips that almost guarantee that your blog posts go viral without having to run from pillar to post and without having to burn midnight oil.

7 Expert Tricks:

Expert Tip #1: Create High-Quality Content Often

A rule of thumb to creating viral blog post is to do many such posts on regular basis. If your content is useful, funny or controversial and is on current hot topics, its chances of being popular with your audience go higher.


72% B2C marketers are creating more content than they did 1 year ago.

After you post many such blogs, you will notice that some of them have caught the imagination of people and you have more traffic coming to your website. Try to create something from your experience and do not hesitate in giving your personal opinion.

Expert Tip #2: Ensure a Catchy Title

Your blog’s title is the first thing that people will look at.

In fact:

8 out of 10 people read the headline copy and only 2 out of 10 people read the rest.

If the title catches their attention and generates some excitement to compel them to click on the blog link and read further, the blog may become popular and shareable.

Besides tempting people to read the blog, another major function of the title is to help search engines to index your post. So, place right keywords of your business in the title and know how to write title that works.

To succeed with your headlines, you must understand the preference of your target audiences to know what type of headline attracts them – is it numbered headline, reader addressing headline or a question based headlines.

A research by Conductor found that 36% readers prefer numbered headlines, whereas 11% people prefer headlines in the form of a question.

Expert Tip #3: Write on Trending Topics

Your audience is always looking for content on current issues for updated information. To know about such issues, take help from Google Trends, Reddit, Quora and other sites where people discuss different aspects of a topic. You will come to know which are the topics currently generating more views on such platforms.

Once you have selected the topic, all you need to do is to write in such manner that the issue becomes controversial. Such writing of blogs will be your content marketing strategy to boost traffic instantly.

Expert Tip #4: Promote Your Blog Posts on Social Media

Another tactics is to make good use of social media channels where people are busy these days. A good way to make your posts go viral is to share them on social media. To ensure this, make extra efforts in reaching out to people and contact them on social channels as well as on social bookmarking sites.


People invest most of their time browsing through social posts and news articles and this trend is expected to grow in 2017 and beyond.

social media in content marketing

You may be having lots followers on Twitter and friends on Facebook and on StumbleUpon and Reddit. If so, then share your content with them to make your blog viral in quick time.

Expert Tip #5: Insert Video and Images in Your Blog Posts

Writing a plan blog with emphasis on text only is not going to yield the desired results. It is not evident from many studies that people get message instantly and more effectively from visuals like images and videos. This is because visuals bring clarity of message. So, incorporate relevant but exciting images in your blog posts.

If possible, embed some video message pasted on the blog post for better results of the efforts in driving traffic.


79% of all Internet traffic will be videos by 2018.

Infographics are also highly useful in making your blog posts go viral.

Expert Tip #6: Analyze Viral Content Carefully

You should be aware of the ways others are creating viral blogs. Some new trends of generating a lot of traffic instantly through such content may have developed that you may not be know. So, study the blogs that recently were highly popular with people.

Nevertheless, you do not have to copy what they are doing. Instead, find out what new methods they used to get such popularity.

Expert Tip #7: Have a Reason for Creating Blogs

Keep away from creating a blog for the sake of it. Your blog must generate some curiosity and excitement but it should match with your business message. Do not forget that your content may go viral for wrong reasons, which will harm your business and its image in the market.

So, avoid creating a blog post that is offending and misleading, as it will discredit your company and business ultimately. Make sure that your content builds relationship with audience despite being funny and controversial in nature.

Over to You!

These 7 tricks will help you build blog posts that can easily become popular with your target audience. However, it makes sense to build awesome content more often so that your site continues to draw in torrents of traffic from all sources – organic, referral and social.

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