7 Instagram Marketing Tips to Stay Ahead of The Curve in 2018 & Beyond

With 400 million monthly active users, Instagram offers umpteen opportunities to businesses looking to promote their products and services. A number of reports reveal that Instagram scores over some of the most popular social media networks including Twitter and Facebook in terms of average time spent by users. Compare this with Twitter that has 316 million monthly active users. This is enough to prove dominance of Instagram in the world of social media marketing for businesses.

According to a study, users spend 20+ minutes daily on Instagram. This means you have a whale of time to grab your target audience’s attention on Instagram. Once you’re able to capture their attention, your high quality product pictures can speak volumes about your business and brand.

You can engage them for a longer time by using pictures, graphics and visuals as a powerful tool. Remember, users upload and share more than 80 million pictures daily on Instagram. Well, the figure reveals how important is Instagram and it should prompt you to become an active user on the platform.

But there are so many sites, companies and marketers already vying for users’ attention on Instagram, driving engagement on Instagram is easier said than done. Remember, the rule of this game is simple: you’ve got to get—and hold—the attention of your target audience. Or hold it long enough until they’ve paid for your product or service.

So, how will you win the battle for attention on Instagram?

Don’t worry; here we present to you 7 Instagram post secrets that will help you battle for attention on Instagram.

Now that the importance of Instagram you need to grasp some basic but crucial points in using the platform to your advantage. Here are those considerations.

  1. Use Quote – Posting a plan picture with no text on it is not going to work for business promotion purpose. Instead, insert some useful text for your audience. Try to create message in the picture in words as well. You can use power of quote in inspiring people to move forward in life. But the text must be relevant to your business. Thus, due to combined impact of picture and text, your message has a double impression on your customers.
  2. Explore Benefits of User-Generated Content – When users post content, it signals their involvement in your business and products. Show user-generated content on your Instagram page to convey the message that you care about them and appreciate their involvement. In fact, if you can explore such content, it is going to be a great asset in creating a friendly image of your company
  3. Pay Attention to CTACall-to-action buttons are extremely crucial when your intention is to compel users to use your products, buy them, or take any other decision. While all social media channels have CTAs of their own, Instagram users generally overlook this feature. To ensure that people can see your CTA at first sight, create the button prominently. A tactics could be to create the button in the middle of the picture and keep everything mute.
  4. Ensure Simple Post – Your picture on Instagram will grab attention if it is simple in its appearance. Avoid an image coming with lots of texts and overcrowded things. A 3-word text caption is often enough to depict the picture. Let the picture say it all. Focus on the quality of the picture. Make sure that it tells your story.
  5. Tell Whole Story – It would be good if your picture can accompany a story told in text. Do not worry if the story is in long form. In fact, a good story shows important aspects of your business. So, write a longer story so that while seeing the picture, readers can also know your business better. Readers love to associate longer text explanations with the mood depicted in the pictures. This works well for passionately engaging your audience.
  6. Ask Engaging Questions – One of the techniques to engage audience is to ask them questions. Just challenge them with some exciting questions and they are most likely to respond. On Instagram, ask your audience an interesting question that directly or indirectly relates to your business or industry. Such questions are also a way to start conversation with your potential customers.
  7. Use Contests – If you have never used contest as a tool to engage audience, then start using it now. Contests are always a fun for people. They like to face small challenges and contest feeds this hunger. On Instagram, your contest will be a great fun for them. Smart brands understand that people like to participate in contests. But ensure that you give some short instructions on how to take part in your contest.

Instagram is surely your platform when your business needs to engage target audience. These tips will help you drive traffic from the social channel in a big way.

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