7 Social Media Marketing Tips for Your E-Commerce Website

You’ll be surprised: Search interest for Social Media Marketing tips have increased many times over since 2004.

Search interest for Social Media Marketing tips have increased many times over since 2004

Here’s why:

Most ecommerce websites’ keep looking out for ways to drive torrents of traffic to generate more leads, more sales and more revenue.

And where are those traffic avenues where your potential customers love to hang out?


You’ll not only need to lookout for places where you can lure your potential visitors with attractive offers, schemes and engaging content.

But where could it be?

I’m sure it wasn’t difficult to guess – its Social Media!

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube to name a few is a great place for buyers and customers to chat and communicate with fellow buyers and different brands.

Strategic presence on these social media sites’ can help you highlight the USP of your ecommerce website and lure new audiences’ to your ecommerce website.

So if you too are looking to get more targeted traffic (and turn that traffic into customers for your ecommerce website), then simply check these 7 insanely actionable social media marketing tips.

Let’s dive right in…

1. Be More Visible

Social media has over 2.206 billion active users and over 70% users prefer buying from brands that are more visible on social media. For this, you must post your content such as blogs, images, infographics, videos, etc. very often as a source of fresh information about your ecommerce site and its products.

L’Oreal is a great example of an online brand that was able to double its revenue by being more and more visible on social media sites.

2. Locate your Customers

Not every social media site would prove right for your business. So, find out which social channels your targeted audiences love to use and carefully hand-pick social media marketing tips to win the battle of attention on your intended social media channel. Remember not everyone uses all the social media sites.

For example, more fashion conscious social media users prefer using Instagram and Pinterest. Thus, a little research for pinpointing the right channels to target your audience will be prudent.

3. Maintain Great Reputation

This is one amongst the many social media marketing tips that have been consistently ranking on the top of every popularity chart over the years.

While social media is a great place to drive traffic, increase sales and boost conversions, it could easily ruin your brand’s positive reputation. Therefore, you must remain careful in guarding your reputation by regularly scanning for adverse comments about your company, products or services you offer.

Just as you find out such comments, counter them with arguments and prove them wrong. As a tactic, launch some videos that showcase great qualities and usefulness of your ecommerce site and its services.

4. Listen to Customers’ Complaints

Success of social media marketing strategies for your ecommerce site depends a lot on how quickly you meet grievances of your customers. If you fail to do so, they will tarnish your reputation on Facebook and other channels.

Therefore, as a wise step, employ a customer support team that can resolve issues through social media. Zappos is a great example of a company that carefully listens to all customer complaints and tactfully turns negative sentiments into positive user emotions for the company.

5. Research Your Market

This is one of the most crucial social media marketing tips for any ecommerce business. Remember, your target market and consumers are ever evolving. And that’s why you must be consistently in touch with their changing preferences. Social media outlets make your research job a lot easier.

People express their choices and you can get an insight by visiting the comments they are making about the types of products or services you offer. For more information about what customers are looking for, you can visit reviews and trending topics also.

6. Promote and Sell

Social channels are best considered by marketers as a place to promote a business. Since you are running an ecommerce site, you would be offering coupons very often to consumers.

Advertise these coupons as pop ups on Facebook pages. Like many companies, you can also create the ‘sell’ feature on your social site pages. Remember, adding coupons to your social media marketing strategies can go a long way in ensuring better traffic, better leads and better sales for you.

7. Build Relationship

Yet another easy-t0-follow social media marketing on this list is building relationships. In fact, relationship building is an integral part of the marketing mix. No wonder, a large number of an ecommerce sites’ now focus on relationship building. But the relationship with people is best built by being visible and available to them.

As against it, the approach of being visible and addressing the people when launching your products or ecommerce site and then vanishing does not work anymore. Instead, make sure that your ecommerce site as a brand records it presence on social sites regularly. That will help greatly in establishing a rapport with people.

Over to You!

These are 7 insanely actionable social media marketing tips that can help you take vital elements of your ecommerce brand and showcase them to social media users in a way that is even more awesome.

Now go ahead, run through the tips and put the learning into practice.

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