Top 7 Video Marketing Trends for 2018 & Beyond

We’re already three months down in 2018, and this year seems to be a great time to check in and see the upcoming and emerging video marketing trends to understand how things might change this year.

Wondering why you should care about video marketing trends for 2018:


  1. For 52% marketers worldwide videos, off all content types, offer the best ROI
  2. Using the word “Video” in an email subject line can increases open rates by 19%, click-through rates by 65% and can decrease subscription rate by 26%.
  3. Videos are used by 81% marketers for marketing.
  4. A website is 50X more likely to appear on the first page of SERPs if it contains videos.
  5. Online video traffic will be 82% of all internet traffic by 2021.

With online video sites mushrooming on the web, it has become easier than ever for marketers to launch successful video marketing campaigns.

In fact, video marketing itself has undergone many visible changes over the years. While once video commercials were simple with not much technology involved and only features such as pop-ups and sidebars appearing on them, today we see ad targeting, interactive videos and analytics being used by almost every other brand.

Modern day video campaigns are known for use of advance video technology. Now, thanks mainly to a number of competitive video sites that business can ensure user-friendly experience for target audience.

Since video marketing is fast picking up with the marketers as an effective visual medium to drive traffic, generate leads and boost sales, new video marketing trends are emerging every now and then. The cut-throat competition to grab attention of audience has resulted in newer video marketing trends.

But here’s the deal:

Only some video marketing trends that evolve, adapt and outlast the rest survive in the end. So, it is important for you to know which video marketing trends should you include in your marketing this 2018 and beyond.

In this article, you can find out a list of selected video marketing trends for 2018 that are likely to become hot favorites.

Let’s dig right in!

1. Interactive Videos will Rule All Hearts

Okay! The rise of interactive videos could easily be termed as a rather bold video marketing trends prediction for 2018. But believe us, this trend is here to stay for a long, long time.


Because Interactive videos allow viewers to engage actively with the content! Old video marketing was too simplistic, turning the audience into mute spectators. All that has changed thanks mainly to advancements in video making technology that has made interactive elements possible to incorporate.

Now, due to interactive video advertising, viewers can engage themselves with the content depicted within video player. So, they can download coupons, get required information and even play games by clicking on a link given within video, eliminating hassles of visiting other sites to get the information. Such interaction excites viewers. This often results in viewers spending more time with the brand.

Online video sites come up with features to create interactive videos. In fact, YouTube now allows markets to create own interactive videos with ease. Because of this, we can now see a bombardment of interactive advertisements that aim at engaging the viewers with brands.

2. HTML5 Videos will Dazzle the Scene in 2018 (and Beyond)

Yep, we saw a lot of brands and marketers pushing harder on the use of HTML5 videos in 2017. And we’re going to see more and more brands and marketers embrace this amazing video marketing trend in the coming year too.

The trend of HTML5 videos caught fancy of people after indie band Arcade Fire released its HTML5 music video – The Wilderness Downtown with Google Chrome. Viewers had an exciting experience with the video that allowed them to enter their childhood. The users can take pictures of their childhood neighborhood to incorporate with the videos. These shots become even more exciting when features such as pop-up video windows and sharing.

The video was trending on Facebook and Twitter instantly after its release. The HTML5 video has set a trend because of its immense scope for creativity and interaction with audience. More and more brands will be using this technology and do not be surprise if it becomes new video advertising standard.

3. Brand Videos Will Break Out of the Box

This is another promising video marketing trend for 2018 and beyond. Instead of creating a plain video, the emphasis here is to give some visual excitement to the viewers. So, things are breaking out of the video frame often or once to surprise the viewers.

In fact, growing number of such campaigns are evidence of popularity of such videos. The Tipp-Ex whiteout video campaign is an excellent example of brand breaking out of the box. More marketers are now joining YouTube breakout campaigns for better interaction with target customers.

4. 3D Manipulation of Images in Videos Will Be the New Norm

Last year, this video marketing trend was a big hit among brands and marketers. And the popularity of this video marketing trend will know no bounds in 2018 and beyond. Why is this trend picking up so fast? Because more and more brands now want to allow consumers more features and facilities when they want to test a product online!

For this, a new technology is fast gaining popularity. This technology lets consumers have 3 D view of a product in videos so that they can have a feel of checking the item as they do in physical stores.

Such an augmented reality is a way to give a more realistic picture of a product, which in turn results in customers making better buying decisions.

5. Focus will Shift To Video Marketing Performance Analysis

Most video marketers want to know how their campaigns are faring. They need to make timely amendments if a campaign is not working up to expectation. Hence, advertisers are now seeking information on how many people visited the videos and from which part of the world.

They also want to know about the type of consumers watching the videos. For example, advertisers can target audience by using specific features such as demographics, tags and categories, age restrictions etc. so that videos reach to the target customers.

And we are sure; it will soon become a norm rather than an exception.

6. Short Videos will Capture the Limelight in 2018

This was a winner video marketing trend last year and it’s still here, the “Shorter Video” trend.

Instead of creating lengthy videos, advertisers are now focusing more also on short videos that can convey a message in quick time. In fact, such micro-videos have reduced their length to merely less than 10 seconds.

One of the most sought after purposes of these tiny videos is to make them shareable on social channels like Instagram and Twitter. This format gives brand messages quickly, creating a larger audience on sites like Facebook and Vine. On these sites, the videos play automatically as the user scrolls down the page.

We’re sure it won’t be long before we’ll start seeing more and more brands building short videos to quickly capture the attention of today’s ever-so-busy and ever-so-discerning consumers.

7. Videos for Mobile Phones will Outnumber Videos for Desktops

Here’s another 2017 video marketing trend on the list that is certainly going even stronger this 2018 and beyond.

You probably already know: mobile phones and devices like tablets are norms of the day when it comes to shopping or getting information online. Videos have, therefore, made inroads into the mobile world also.

We can expect the trend of creating videos for smartphones and tablets growing even more vigorously. Different surveys have already conveyed to the advertisers that growth in digital video viewers will continue to increase, with more than 70% of the viewers using tablet to watch videos in coming years.

Parting Thoughts!!

So there you have it – 7 video marketing trends for 2018 and beyond. Start using these new video marketing trends before your competitor to stay ahead in the game. Remember, these video marketing trends can easily enhance your customer base , increase engagement, drive traffic, generate leads and boost sales.

All the best!

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