How to Set Up Google AdWords Customer Match Targeting?

I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

Google AdWords has long been the top choice for advertisers and companies planning to promote their products or services effectively and swiftly on the web.

Google display campaigns are effective and reach out to 90% of internet users worldwide.

This means:

It makes it REALLY easy to convert a huge pool of ice cold traffic into actual buying customers.

And it is DAMN effective:

AdWords offers the highest ROI amongst all advertising platforms.

AdWords offers the highest ROI

In fact:

For every $1 spent on Google AdWords, businesses make an average of $2 revenue.

But here’s the brutal truth about Google AdWords:

Most advertisers and businesses are constantly faced with the challenge of getting their ads before their actual, targeted audiences.

This means:

It is difficult to show your ads to the audience you’re actually looking to target

Or is it?

Well, it turns out; you can ensure identity-based targeting and show your ads to your specific, target audience easily.

How? By using Google AdWords Customer Match!

What Exactly is Google AdWords Customer Match?

Customer Match’ is a unique feature of Google AdWords that enables advertisers to create and target (or exclude) their user list by uploading their prospects’ or potential/existing customers’ names, phone numbers, email addresses, or physical locations (addresses).

What are the Benefits of Google AdWords Customer Match?

Google AdWords Customer Match offers a wide range of benefits and advantages to advertisers and companies. And perhaps the greatest advantage of using Google AdWords Customer Match is the fact that advertisers can take their ads to more specific, targeted and relevant audiences. This unique feature helps advertisers to:

  1. Target audiences based on their buying behavior and purchase history.
  2. Target existing customers to ensure repeat purchase.
  3. Target existing customers to increase brand loyalty.
  4. Target buyers who have abandoned carts in the past.
  5. Reach out to existing customers to re-engage them with the brand.

How does Google AdWords Custom Match Work?

Using Google AdWords Customer Match is easy and requires just a few clicks and a few minutes to set up. Once you finish uploading your audience list, Google AdWords verifies, validates and matches your audience list with Gmail accounts, signed-in browsers and related email addresses. Typically, Google AdWords matches approximately 50% of your uploaded list.

Here’s how Customer Match process works:

Customer Match process

In order to understand how Customer Match works, let’s assume that you’re an ecommerce store and you’re looking to set up AdWords ads to promote your newly launched products to your existing/present customers.

So here’s what you’ll need to do:

First Step: Upload a list of ‘first-party contact information’ that you’ve been collecting. Make sure of uploading the list for customers who have consented to provide you with their contact information.

Second Step: Create an AdWords campaign for your new product to target your list of customers (the list that you’ve uploaded) in order to show them your newly launched product.

Third Step: Now as soon as these Google users will log-in to their Google Accounts, they will get to see your new product ads via Google Search, Gmail and YouTube.

Uploading Customer Match Files

It is relatively easy to upload ‘Customer Match files’ in Google AdWords. All it takes is a few clicks of your mouse and a simple five step procedure to do it.

Here are the 5 steps:

First Step: Log into your Google AdWords interface. Now, Google AdWords has a new Interface for users.

Google AdWords interface

Second Step: After logging in, click on the ‘Wrench’ icon placed on the top right hand corner of the dashboard. Then, select ‘Audience Manager’.

Google AdWords Audience Manager

Third Step: Select ‘blue +’ button. Then select ‘+Customer list’.

How to Upload Customer List in Google AdWords

Step #4: Now, name your audience; choose the file (Phone, Name (First and Last), Email, Country) you want to upload to Google AdWords.

How to Upload Custom Customer Files to Google AdWords

Step #5: Lastly, choose if your uploaded data is hashed or unhashed.

Hashed and UnHashed Customer List in Google AdWords

You’re all set now to show your ads to your tailored, specific, target audience across Gmail, YouTube, display and Google Search.

Point to Remember:

Customer Matching process could take up to 48 hours.

So, Here’s What You Should Do Now…

If you’re ready to use Google AdWords Customer Match feature and turn your ads into conversion machine, then you’ll need to simply follow the steps mentioned in the post.

Remember, with ‘Customer Match’, driving more traffic, leads and revenue is not a difficult task. All you need to do is to play by the rules and optimize your ads to ensure that it resonates well with your selected audience segment.

Go on now, put this learning into practice and see your revenue soar this 2018 and beyond!

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