Why Forbes Won’t Publish My Articles?

When it comes to getting your articles published at Forbes, I’m sure you’ve heard enough tips and advice for one lifetime.

And once you grab information on some such secret tips, and how will it actually work, you’ll want to start building a blog that can get you published at Forbes, earn you a bit of credibility and a lot of traffic.

If only it were so easy…

Forbes doesn’t really approve your article request at the first place (I am writing this with my personal experience).

No matter:

How good your copywriting style is, how thought-provoking the subject matter is and how much time you have spent building a piece that you believe will change your industry for good.

I know what you’re thinking:

This guy is being a little harsh on Forbes. Why wouldn’t Forbes publish your write-ups if they are really good and informative?

As it turns out:

Forbes doesn’t really want to publish newbie blog owners and prefers posts from regular contributors.

Here’s My Story:

I got my first breakthrough, as a ghost writer, at a couple of top-notch sites including Jeff Bullas, Semrush,Crazy Egg, Kissmetrics and Just Creative in the year 2015, when I worked with a custom design crowdsourcing company.

Some of these articles worked wonders generating thousands of user comments, likes and socialshares.

But I always wanted to pitch in ‘that’ perfect story to Forbes because I knew that the publication is really choosy with what it publishes. So I sent them a story idea which revolved around “CRO Hacks”.

email to forbes

I was enthralled by this idea as I sincerely believe conversion optimization is the single most important leverage point for business.

But to my shock:

I never heard back from Forbes.

I’ve tried many times since, but haven’t heard back from Forbes yet.


This article was accepted and published at Iamwire.com. And to my delight it is ranking on first page of Google SERP for keyword “CRO Hacks”.

Google ranking for Iamwire article for keyword CRO hacks


Do I hate Forbes because they didn’t entertain my ideas and pitches for more than 10 times?


A Resounding NO!

I would still try pitching my ideas to Forbes.

But here’s a disturbing fact:

A large number of big or medium-sized business owners, popular entrepreneurs, well-established bloggers, or influencers easily get their write-ups published at Forbes.

No matter, their content isn’t that thought-provoking; it is an average write-up and offers usual information that’s quite abundantly present on the Internet.

Want proof?

You’ll find a lot of average quality articles published at Forbes focused around narrow topics and supplemented with very limited research on the subject matter.

Here’s another Shocking Revelation:

You can easily pay a Thousand Dollars (current link- building rate for Forbes) to one of the many middlemen (you’ll find them dime a dozen on Facebook) who will get you an article published at Forbes with a mention and a “do-follow” backlink.

Yeah! You’ve read it right!

This is how things work with posts on Forbes. I really don’t know if the editorial board of Forbes really knows, or cares, about it.

I’m sure you want to know:

Why do I so desperately want to get my articles published at Forbes?

Okay! Let me pull the curtains and reveal my reasons why I wish to get my articles published at Forbes:

Benefits of Getting Published at Forbes

1.Get a Fair Share of Search Engine Traffic

You’ll be surprised:

Forbes gets 6.7 million monthly unique visitors.


Publishing your article at Forbes and getting a backlink from them means getting a fair share of their surging traffic.

This means:

If you’re a newbie blogger and you even get to share 1% of Forbes overall site traffic, you’ll be able to rank better in Google.


Remember, Google analyses your referral traffic very carefully and the source of traffic to understand the credibility of your site and rank you on its SERPs.

But here’s the deal:

Google also carefully looks at whether or not visitors come back your website after visiting. Remember, sites that have most number of repeat visitors rank better in Google SERPs.

impact of Traffic on Google Ranking

This means:

You shouldn’t just depend upon the traffic from Forbes (after getting your article published at the site), but keep creating interesting content to ensure that visitors directed to your site from Forbes stick to your site like superglue.

2. Build Authority in the Eyes of Google

Okay! I’m sure you probably already know:

Getting a backlink from Forbes can boost your Google ranking.

Here’s why:

A website’s overall link authority strongly impacts its Google rankings.

Domain Link authority impact on Google Ranking

Getting backlinks from an authoritative site like Forbes will help you build credibility and will in turn improve the Google ranking of your site.

3. Google Ranking for Search Queries

By now you already know:

The traffic of a website can hugely impact the overall Google ranking of the website.

Here’s something you don’t know:

All thanks to Google’s Hummingbird Update, your article’s topical relevancy gives Google a better understanding of your content’s subject matter. And basis this understanding, Google assigns you rank on its SERPs.

topic relevancy impact in Google ranking

What does this mean for you?

If your guest article Forbes is well-optimized and covers the topic in-depth, it will show up in the top of Google’s SERPs. And the better your guest article ranks, the better will be your Google ranking for search query specified in the article.

Here’s what you must do:

As soon as your articles are published at Forbes, do well to build and publish a few awesome, comprehensive blogs, related to the search query, at your website to give it a much needed boost.

4. Accumulation of User Generated Content

Okay! Here’s a simple question for you:

Why do you blog?

I’m sure your answer is to connect with your target audiences and provide them with a relevant solution to their problems.

Well, your readers connect with you in the form of reviews, comments, etc.

But does this impact your Google ranking?

Yes it does! In fact, review signals account for 9.8% of the total ranking factors.

impact of UGC on Google ranking Crawl Space

This means:

You absolutely cannot ignore user generated content when planning to acquire better ranking on Google SERPs.

Now here’s the easy part:

I’m sure you already know that articles published at Forbes garner a huge response – thousands of comments, and shares.


The user generated comments in the form of comments, reviews, critique and social sentiments you’re generating with your article on Forbes can very well help you rank better on Google SERPs.

5. Adding Brand Value to My New Website

I’m sure you’ll be shocked:

Google started offering a ranking boost to brands for some search queries, after the Vince Update.

Now it is clear:

If you want to get this favour from Google, you’ll need to present your new website as a brand to Google.

How will you do that?

Well, the answer is simple enough! Get a guest article published at Google!


Google seems to take brands that get mentioned on credible news sites and online magazines such as Forbes very seriously. Google uses brand and user-interaction signals to identify your link coming from Forbes.

In fact:

If you get mentioned at Forbes without getting a backlink, Google is likely to look at your non-hyperlinked mentions as a brand signal.

Here’s a Google ranking comparison between brand searches and non-brand searches.

Google Ranking Brand Vs. No Brand
Google Ranking Brand Vs. No Brand

Now it’s Your Turn!

So now you and I both know why Forbes wouldn’t publish my articles!

What’s the nest step?

Well, I’m going to build something really amazing and pitch that to Forbes and I’m sure someday I’ll get successful.

What will you do? Do let me know in the comments below.

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