Google, Gmail, Youtube down. Know the Reason behind it

Google faced 3rd major outage in the last 2 months. The latest one was on December 14, which was not only on the search engine but on most of their products like Gmail, YouTube, Google Pay, Google classroom, Google Meet, Google Docs. Started at about 11.50 am GMT, it lasts for 45 minutes.

All started with Google search engine
Youtube was also down
Look out at the problems people were facing while google & other products were down.

However, when the whole world was facing problem in their daily tasks, the company’s systems reported no problem for any of their services for the first 30 minutes. Later on, Google acknowledged the outage across its products on the company’s status page saying that “it is aware of the problem affecting a majority of users”.

Reasone behind it

Finally after 45 minutes of this outage, Google was able to handle this situation. According to the spokesperson, the root cause of the outage was company’s internal tools failed to allocate enough storage space to the services that handle authentication. According to them, when the storage filled up, it automatically made more space for the products but it failed to do so.

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