5 Quick Tips for Influencer Marketing in 2018 (and Beyond)

I recently ran a Google search for influencer marketing in 2018…

…And my query returned “29,60,000” results!

Influencer Marketing Google Search

This proves:

A lot of people are already looking for tips, tricks and trends for influencer marketing in 2018 (and beyond).

No Wonder:

Influencer marketing has already become a fad and a large number of companies now rely on influencers to build trust for their brand, and instigate meaningful user conversation around their brands.

For a large number of marketers, influencer marketing remains the fastest-growing method for customer acquisition.

influencer marketing is fastest-growing customer acquisition method

After all:

49% customers swear by influencer recommendations when it comes to purchase!

And that’s not all!

Influencer marketing offers 11 times better ROI than online display ads. You get a ROI of $6.50 for every $1 you spend on influencer marketing programs.

Influencer Marketing ROI

Given these stats, it’s no rocket science to understand why 39% brands and marketers have decided to increase influencer marketing budgets this year.

Influencer Marketing Budget

But here’s the deal:

If you’re looking to make the most of your influencer marketing campaigns in 2018 (and beyond), you’ll need to systematically use some basic yet power-packed influencer marketing tips.

Wondering where will you find these tips?

Well, skim through this blog to check out the 5 insanely actionable yet simple tips to make the most of influencer marketing in 2018.

Let’s get started!

1. Who is Your Customer?

With so many SEO tips, tricks and techniques freely available on the Internet, it really isn’t difficult to drive visitors to your ecommerce site.

But here’s a hard-and-bleak truth:

Turning these visitors (strangers) into actual, paying customers is no mean feat!

Remember, Out of the 100% visitors who come to your site, approximately 96% visitors aren’t ready to buy.

96% Visitors to your site are Cold

What’s the reason?

The reason is simple! Because they do not find your offers, products or services tailored around their specific needs or requirements.

Chances are your audiences wouldn’t participate in your influencer marketing campaigns too if they don’t find it tailored according to their taste, preferences and needs.

What does this mean?

This means you’ll need to identify who your customers are, what social media sites do they hang out at, what type of social media content engages them and who are their favorite influencers?

Monitor the social behavior of your target audience. Discover how do they react to influencer content, what impressions do they form of products and services recommended by brands and what motivates them to share branded content on social media.

This will point you in the right direction and your campaigns for influencer marketing in 2018 to new heights.

Talking of influencers…

2. Who are Your Influencers?

Okay! I’m sure you’ll agree:

You can’t imagine of an influencer marketing campaign without an influencer.

But a question that you must mull over:

Who could be an ideal influencer for your brand?

You would want to collaborate with an influencer who is a great fit for your brand and who can easily start meaningful and conversation-driven conversations about your products or services and those who have a passion for your products or services.

Let me reiterate:

Be very careful when collaborating with an influencer because if you end up collaborating with a wrong influencer, you’ll end up blowing your marketing budget for nothing!

Let’s take an example:

If you run a SEO training school, and are looking to promote your brand; you’ll need to look out for a SEO influencer who can motivate SEO enthusiasts to enroll for courses offered by you.

Okay! Let me explain this with a real life example:

Hawaiian Tourism board decided to promote its campaign “Let Hawaii Happen” using an influencer to promote tourism in Hawaii in 2015. The board decided to go ahead with local Hawaiian micro-influencer – Lindsey Higa.

Let Hawaii Happen Influencer Marketing Campaign 2015

As it turns out:

This campaign reached out to more than half of all US travelers and generated 100000 posts in just one year.

65% travelers who saw the campaign posts fell in love with Hawaii and pledged to visit by 2016-17.

3. What Content Are Your Creating?

Here’s some food for thought?

Without great content, you can kiss your dreams of a successful influencer marketing campaign goodbye.


Because your audiences will only love your influencer marketing campaign if the content you’re sharing is great, engaging and entertaining, in equal measures.

Here’s what you should do:

Build 10X content talking about your influencer. And they will definitely share your content with all their fans and followers. You can even out influencer quotes or interviews to get a share from influencers.

Something such as this:

Adding Influencer Quotes or Comments in Blogs

Better yet, involve your influencers in the process of content creation. Or give your influencers the freedom to create their own content.

Remember: 57% marketers have found that influencer content outperforms branded content.

4. What About FTC Regulations?

Recently, a lot of brands and influencers got into legal trouble when FTC (Federal Trade Commission Endorsement Guidelines) sent them legal notices for not disclosing their connections.

FTC mandates to clearly reveal any advertiser-endorser connection and publicly disclose the connection.


If don’t want to get into legal troubles, don’t forget to disclose your influencer connections.

You asking your influencers to include ‘sponsored’’ in their posts involving your brand, products or services.

Or better yet:

Play by FTC advice and use Brand/Partner in your posts to disclose influencer connections.

FTC Advice to Disclose Influencer Marketing Connections


Deceiving your audiences can run your otherwise successful influencer marketing campaign in rough weathers.

5. Have You Measured The Impact of Your Influencer Marketing?

Last but certainly not the least:

Check to see the effectiveness of your influencer marketing in 2018 by analysing it against the KPIs.

Identify the number of followers you have been able to get, the impressions you have been be to make and the quantum of traffic that you were able to drive to your ecommerce website with your influencer marketing campaign.

Don’t forget to see how users interacted with your influencer marketing campaign. You can do it by tracking clicks, likes and shares your influencer marketing posts were able to generate.

To effectively track the traffic routed to your site through Google Analytics, don’t forget to include UTM codes to your influencer posts.

Use Google Analytics to check for audience growth. Don’t forget to check demographics to see if the campaign reached out your targeted audiences or not.

Most importantly, check for leads created by your and your influencers’ social media accounts.

Remember: Measuring traffic, engagement and revenue is important to understand how effective your influencer was marketing campaign.

Over to You!

So there you have it – 5 simple yet powerful tips to ensure successful influencer marketing in 2018 (and beyond).

Do you any other influencer marketing tips for 2018 that you’ll like to add? Leave a quick comment and let us know. We’d love to hear what you think!

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