5 Shocking Reasons Why Your E-commerce Conversion Rate is Zero

Is your e-commerce conversion rate zero?

Well, it may sound a little disappointing to you, but your visitors probably HATE your site…

Sure, you’re putting up the best of content, trying your hand at every e-commerce SEO tips and tricks available on the Internet – but your visitors may still be abandoning your site in no time.


You’re at a loss; a loss of traffic, a loss of user trust and a ZERO Conversion rate! Despite putting your best foot forward!

Does it mean you should stop your efforts at optimizing your e-commerce conversion rate?

The answer is a big, resounding NO!

Instead, you must try to find out why your visitors do not trust your e-commerce website. Remember, if you’re able to find out this, you’ll be able to better optimize your site, make your visitors TRUST your e-commerce site and turn your e-commerce rate from Zero to Hero.

In this post, I’m going to show you 5 reasons why your website visitors do not trust your e-commerce website and what should you do to optimize your e-commerce conversion rate.

Let’s dive right in…

1. Your Site’s Design & Layout Aren’t Appealing

The design and layout of your site has a major impact on your e-commerce conversion rate.

Wondering Why?

Because it’s the first thing your visitors notice when they land on your site via Google search or paid web ads.

But here’s the shocker:

Website visitors form an opinion about your e-commerce site in just 8 seconds. That’s an attention span lesser than that of a Gold Fish.

Attention Span - Gold Fish Vs. Human


You just have 8 seconds to capture the attention of your e-commerce site visitors and hold it until they complete the conversion process.

Clearly, your e-commerce site design and layout can easily spell the difference between your business’ success and failure.

Bottom line?

Your website’s layout and design has the greatest impact on its overall performance.

2. Your Site Isn’t Optimized for Mobile

Yet another reason why your visitors don’t trust your e-commerce site is because it’s not mobile-friendly.

Mobile unfriendly landing pages can negatively impact your e-commerce conversion rate.

Here’s why:

61% visitors bounce off your website if faced with a bad mobile experience.

A BaseKit survey of 510 small businesses has shown that a surprising 91% e-commerce websites are not mobile optimized. This is a huge missed opportunity.

Here’s why:

Google penalizes non-mobile friendly sites by dropping their SERP ranking considerably.

Google Ranking - Mobile Vs. Non-Mobile Web Pages


Today it has become important than ever to optimize your websites for better mobile experience.

Bottom line?

You will need to think mobile first to increase visitor trust, generate torrents of organic traffic and optimize your conversion rates.

3. Your Site Doesn’t Use Customer Testimonials

Did you know?

90% customers say that their buying decisions are influenced by testimonials and online reviews.

61% customers trust reviews from other customers and 55% customers check at least 9-10 customer reviews before making a purchase.

Impact of Customer Testimonials

Why is that?

Because customer testimonials helps build trust and confidence in a visitor for a business or brand.

Bottom line?

Customer testimonials at your site can add credibility to your business and motivate visitors to make purchase from your site, thereby helping you improve your e-commerce conversion rate.

4. Your Site Doesn’t Have Strong, Tactical Call-to-Action Buttons

Okay! Let me pop a question here:

What’s the last roadblock before your visitor finally converts into a customer?

I’m sure it wasn’t a difficult one! It’s your call to action button.

Here’s what you must know:

For high conversions, there should be a CTA on your e-commerce website; otherwise you’ll be leaking visitors away from your conversion funnel left, right and center.

Let me explain.

Over 90% website visitors who read headlines at your site also read your CTA copy. A call to action button is a big sales opportunity packed in tiny, little button format. It is what actually guides your visitors and prospects through their buying journey.

CTA impact on Ecommerce Site Trust

But here’s the deal:

Call to action buttons are too sensitive an element and even if you make the smallest of mistakes in terms of appearance, positioning or language of your call to action buttons, you’ll end up losing the race of conversions.

Bottom Line?

Since call to action buttons are so significant for customer trust and increasing e-commerce conversion rate, you’ll need to constantly optimize and improve them.

5. Your Site Doesn’t Feature Product Videos

Perhaps you don’t know this:

64% buyers are likely to buy the product after watching a product video.

Impact of Product Videos on Site Trust

After watching product videos, 52% customers feel more confident in online purchase decisions and 64% are more likely to make a purchase.

Yeah! That’s true!

Using videos on landing pages can increase conversion rate by 86%.

Bottom Line?

Adding product videos to your e-commerce site should be the major focus of your e-commerce conversion rate optimization strategy this 2017.

Over to You!

You just saw 5 reasons why your website visitors do not trust your e-commerce website and what should you do to convert them into actual buying customers.

Go on put these crazy tips into practice and immediately start optimizing your e-commerce website to earn visitor trust, generate leads and optimize conversion rate this 2017 & beyond.

I’d love to hear what you think? Or maybe you have a question about something you read.

Either way, let me know by leaving a quick comment below right now.

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